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Who’s Driving Home Spending Growth?

The home services market has grown 17% over the last year, according to Angi’s Economy of Everything Home report. There’s a combination of factors responsible for the boost, including the labor shortage and the rising costs of construction and remodeling projects. But demographic shifts give longer-term insight into who is spending the most on home…


How to Manage a Major Uptick in Customer Demand

As travel restrictions ease and people return to work, many sectors of the economy are seeing a sudden influx of customer demand, and home services are no exception. Even if your business remained busy during the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners are still investing in everything from practical maintenance to major remodels. Are you ready for the…


5 Outdoor Trends Pros Should Know For Summer 2021

For many, Independence Day celebrations represent an unofficial kickoff to BBQ season. Even as homeowners head off on long-awaited summer vacations, up to 65% of them are interested in completing outdoor projects, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s (NKBA) membership trend survey. From major outdoor kitchen overhauls to updated fencing and natural landscaping,…


5 Ways to Grow Your Business in a Labor Shortage

If you’re a pro in the home service business, you’ve likely experienced the skilled trades labor shortage first-hand. For many pros, it looks like this: A customer wants your help on a home project. You have the skills, tools and expertise to get it done right – but you don’t have time or crew to…


6 Tips to Help You Finance Your Business

As a business owner, you’re familiar with how expensive it is to purchase and maintain equipment, buy new materials and expand your service area. Whether you’re looking to bid on a large project, hire a crew or market your services, there are financing options that can help you grow your business and bottom line. 1….


How to Hire a Subcontractor

As your business grows, you’ll likely find the need to hire subcontractors. These specialized tradesmen have the expertise and experience needed to take your job to the next level. And, when you find the right person, your working relationship can last for years to come. When you begin the interviewing process, here are a few…


Top 3 Homeowner Projects in 2021

As people spent more time at home in 2020, a comfortable and well-maintained space became a top priority for homeowners across the country. In fact, Angi’s annual State of Home Spending report found that homeowners typically spent $4,000 more on home projects in 2020 than in previous years. Looking forward to 2021, expect a continued…


3 Ways to Attract Top Talent

It’s no secret that finding and retaining top talent for your business can be difficult. Whether you struggle to find qualified skilled workers, lack time to devote to recruiting or simply don’t know where to start — finding the right employees to help grow your business is rarely a straightforward task. Here, we’re sharing a…


Is a Lead Generation Service Right for You?

If you’re a pro looking to boost your marketing efforts, find new customers and grow your business, then you may want to consider investing in a lead generation service. Services like Angi Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) can help you find new leads for potential clients, manage your projects and schedule, and even facilitate payments through…

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