Fine Tuning HomeAdvisor Profile

When the recession hit, this pro embraced all that HomeAdvisor has to offer – and he hasn’t looked back!

Scott Seasor, President of Seasor’s Restoration and Remodeling in Fishers, Ind., has owned his business for nearly three decades. When the 2008 recession hit, he went from having regular work to footing the bill as others went bankrupt – and to a full-stop on any jobs going forward. In order to bounce back, he realized that he needed to do something different.

“I needed to learn how to incorporate smart technology into my business, because the next generation is doing everything by phone.” Seasor says. “So, I fell into HomeAdvisor not knowing much about it. HomeAdvisor brought me customers, and that’s really what I needed. I could do the rest. Now, people know who I am, what I do and how I do it. I’m very visible in the flooring business. It took many years to get here, but without HomeAdvisor, I don’t know where I would be right now. For a person who is technologically-savvy and familiar with navigating various websites and apps, it probably isn’t a big deal. For me, it’s like a foreign language – but we’ve succeeded.”

Now that Seasor has HomeAdvisor figured out, he’s reached a point where he can be selective with the jobs he accepts – and he has plenty of advice to help you make the most of your efforts.

Fine-tune Your HomeAdvisor Profile

By fine-tuning his profile and service offerings, Seasor cuts back on unprofitable or dead-end leads and focuses his efforts where it counts. Consider:

  • What do you really offer? Seasor’s company focuses on flooring, and his business used to list tile services on HomeAdvisor. However, he was constantly getting leads for tile backsplashes. In order to be more selective, he removed tile from his page altogether.
  • Where are your customers? At first, Seasor would travel as far as 60 miles for work. But over time, he found that certain areas were buying while others weren’t. He removed the areas in which he wasn’t getting leads and focused on those that generated the most business for him. Now, he drives 20 miles versus 60.
  • Is it worth your time? Seasor doesn’t accept every lead. He is careful to choose those that will benefit both him and his clients. “It’s not about money to me,” he says. “But if it costs more to drive and talk to somebody about a set of steps, it’s not worth it. Not every job is for me.”
  • Do you stand out? Seasor takes every opportunity to make his HomeAdvisor profile stand out. He takes before, during and after pictures and regularly updates his profile with new work. He also displays his Best of HomeAdvisor Awards and sports over 100 5-star reviews!

Capitalize on Daily Opportunities

Even outside of HomeAdvisor, Seasor works to drive his business forward on a daily basis. Consider:

  • Is your brand visible? Seasor’s truck is wrapped with his company logo and phone number, so it’s truly a mobile billboard. He tries to get his truck in the background of his photos to garner more brand recognition, and he drives it in the local homecoming parade – with the homecoming king in the passenger seat. He also takes every opportunity to pass out his business cards.
  • Are you on Facebook? Facebook is a great tool for marketing, networking and showcasing your work. Seasor updates his Facebook page regularly with before and after photos, as well as videos and slideshows. He uses this platform to connect with community members and network with real estate agents who might need his services.
  • Do you show off your work? Your work itself can have great influence when it comes to attracting new customers, but it’s impossible for them to see unless you show it off! Seasor takes potential customers to view his other jobs, and he also creates slideshows of his projects for his customers to share. “When they’re out drinking wine with their friends and they say, ‘Check out my project;’ next thing you know, three people call me!”
  • Do you ask for reviews? How does Seasor have over 100 reviews? He asks for them! “I know when I’ve knocked it out of the park,” he says. “Often, the customer comes to me and says so. I take advantage of this opportunity and ask if they could post a review on HomeAdvisor, and I offer to send the link. They are usually eager to do so because I have more than exceeded their expectations.”

Truly Own Your Business

Seasor’s success goes beyond marketing himself and being a HomeAdvisor member. In truth, it comes down to quality workmanship, a sincere approach and a solid team. Here are a few key takeaways from how he runs his business:

  • A sincere approach. “One of the biggest things I convey to people is: I care,” Seasor says. “I want each project to be as perfect as can be. The way you get perfection is to pay attention to all of the details.” Seasor takes the time to walk his customers through their options, to ask questions and listen to their concerns, and to make sure they understand the process and the possibilities.
  • A solid, organized team. “All of the people who work for me have many years of experience,” Seasor says. “They understand what’s expected of them and operate at an exceptional skill level. I treat my guys fairly and keep them quite busy. I let them know that my business isn’t only about me, but them as well. When I first started, I used to babysit – go to every job and be there all day. That’s counter-productive and you can’t sell other jobs. Now, I don’t live on the job site. I have people that are very skilled, organized and trustworthy.”
  • A bit of passion. “A business is like having kids,” Seasor says. “You’ve got to nurture it and adjust to the constant changes. At times, I almost feel married to what I do, so hopefully you like what you do. I enjoy so much what I do. I don’t focus as much on the money. I enjoy each project, and I enjoy learning something different on every job and finding different ways to do things.”

*Angi Leads is formerly HomeAdvisor Pro

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