Ken Dyrne, owner of County Wide Mechanical Services, has learned a lot since starting his business in 2006. And one of his biggest takeaways is the power of customer service. Here’s his advice for using customer relations to create a profitable and long-lasting business.

1. Invest in Your Employees

Ken knows that his business’ success begins with his employees. That’s why he’s invested in an in-depth education program. “We do training three days a week at our office,” Ken said. “We like to give our employees the knowledge they need to help our customers make the right decisions.”

County Wide’s training program doesn’t focus only on improving his employees’ technical knowledge. Ken takes pride in helping his employees develop their communication skills as well. “I work hard to teach better people skills, which translates into expert customer service,” Ken said.

2. Aim for Repeat Business

“It’s not always the quality of the lead,” Ken said. “It’s more important what you do with that lead that may result in immediate or future revenue opportunities.”

Tricks like leaving a clean jobsite, providing constant communication and throwing in free-of-charge extras will encourage customers to come back.

3. Use Your Reviews

Ken has been a member of HomeAdvisor since 2006. During that time, he’s gathered over 600 five-star reviews, which has played a big part in growing his business. Using online reviews sites will allow homeowners to easily access your references and see samples of your past work. This builds trust and makes it easier for potential clients to hire you.

4. Be a Resource

Educating homeowners is a huge part of building trust and expanding your business. Use each part of the job — from the pitch to the cleanup — to answer questions and provide helpful tidbits of information. “Any opportunities to get into peoples’ homes and educate them will give them an everlasting impression of our company,” Ken said.

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