4 Hiring Strategies

If you’re having a hard time finding the talent you need to meet demand and grow and manage your home services business, you’re in good company. In our most recent survey tracking pro’s confidence in the home services industry, the Q2 2019 HomeAdvisor Farnsworth Report, professionals in specialties ranging from remodeling to roofing listed hiring problems as a chief factor holding them back from expanding their business and earning their full potential.

Talent Troubles – By the Numbers:

According to our most recent business confidence survey:

  • More than one-third of HomeAdvisor pros said they’d be able to grow their businesses by 11 percent or more if they had no hiring problems.

  • Pros in the home exterior trades predict they could expand by as much as 50 percent if the skilled labor shortage was resolved.

  • 54% of respondents in the in remodeling, exterior, mechanical, finishing and landscaping sectors report challenges finding skilled laborers.

  • 73% of remodeling professionals have had trouble hiring in the past year.

  • Looking forward, just 17 percent of home service pros are extremely confident that they’ll be able to hire enough hands over the next 12 months

The good news is that there are steps you can take to overcome the hiring challenge and even set your business apart from the competition in the process.

A good strategy for contractors dealing with this problem is knowing that you’re not just competing on wage,” says HomeAdvisor’s chief economist and money expert, Mischa Fisher. “Consider focusing on how you can improve your internal culture to make it more appealing to young potential hires.

Mischa suggests implementing these four hiring strategies to find – and keep – the talent you need to run and grow your home services business:

  1. Modernize the way you search for talent. Go beyond simply asking family and friends for referrals and try online recruiting options.
  2. Offer sought-after benefits like work-life balance and flexibility.
  3. Foster a healthy company culture. Employees seek camaraderie with their co-workers and opportunities for growth.
  4. Make sure you can offer perceived and actual job stability to your employees – and make it known!


How confident are you feeling about the state of the home improvement industry?

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