Ever wonder if you’re charging the right price for your services? Here, we’ve put together the data* for 29 popular projects to help you find out how your prices stack up to the competition – and if you’re making as much as you could be.

Find Average Costs For Your Service:

Architect Services: $2,710

Though this cost is subjective to the size and difficulty of the project, most homeowners report spending about $2,710 in residential architect fees.

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Cabinet and Countertop Projects: $2,580

Homeowners report paying around $2,580 for basic cabinet and countertop projects. Though, expensive materials and extensive remodeling work can increase the cost of these services.

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Carpentry: $2,830

Most homeowners pay about $2,830 to hire a carpenter. But you can earn more for large, complex projects.

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Cleaning: $283

Depending on the amount of work, size of the home and frequency of the job, cleaning pros can earn $283.

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Deck Building: $5,170

On average, pros charge $5,170 for deck building projects. Bigger decks with complex designs or pricey materials can bring in even more.

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Design Work: $5,360

Home designers charge around $5,360 for their projects, depending on the size of the area, materials used, and location of the job.

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Drywall Projects: $1,180

Homeowners report paying about $1,180 for most drywall projects. Though, pros charge less for small repairs than for large, drywall-hanging projects.

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Electrical Work: $330

Electricians average $330 for work in residential properties, but they often charge more for large-scale jobs.

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Fencing: $1,630

Fencing projects usually run around $1,630. Pros typically ask more for jobs involving spacious yards, or pricey building materials.

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Flooring: $2,010

Homeowners say that they typically pay $2,010 for home flooring jobs. Flooring pros charge a higher amount for major tasks like installing brand new wood flooring in a large area.

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Garage Door Work: $490

Pros who work on garage doors charge $490 for most projects. Jobs like installing a new garage door or doing extensive repair work can cost more.

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Gutter Services: $1,000

Pros typically charge around $1,000 to install or replace gutters. Smaller tasks, like seasonal gutter cleaning, usually cost far less.

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Handyman Tasks: $590

Handymen work on a large variety of different projects, but on average they charge homeowners $590 for their services. Some handymen charge by the hour, and others by the job, so costs vary.

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Home Inspections: $340

Home inspectors charge about $340 on average for their time and services.

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Heating and Cooling: $1,980

Homeowners report paying pros $1,980 on average for heating and cooling tasks. Big jobs, like installing new ducts or units, cost more.

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Home Theater Projects: $1,640

Rigging up a home theater earns pros about $1,640 on average. This job can include installing surround sound speakers, soundproofing the walls and setting up a projector and screen.

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Insulation: $2,510

Pros charge $2,510 on average for insulation work. The price of this job varies based on the cost of insulation materials, the size of the area and amount of time it takes to complete the project.

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Landscaping: $2,920

Landscapers can expect to charge $2,920 on average for landscaping projects. These jobs vary widely, and smaller tasks (like removing a shrub) cost far less than a full landscaping overhaul.

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Masonry and Concrete Work: $2,850

Masons charge $2,850 on average for their time and services. But some jobs, like installing stone siding or retaining walls, are priced at a much higher rate.

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Painting: $1,470

Professional painters typically ask $1,470 for their services. Smaller projects, like kitchen cabinets or trim, cost less.

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Plumbing: $1,350

Homeowners report paying plumbers around $1,350 for most tasks. Clearing out clogs, pumping a septic tank or patching up leaks are smaller jobs that cost less than the average.

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Pool Services: $8,870

The cost of pool services varies greatly, from the high price to install a new pool to smaller projects like simple maintenance. On average, pool pros charge $8,870.

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Remodeling: $11,440

Most homeowners pay remodeling pros around $11,440 for their projects. This price changes depending on the size and extent of each individual remodel.

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Roofing: $3,220

Roofers charge $3,220 on average for their services. Major projects, like a full roof replacement, cost more.

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Siding: $3,830

Siding pros are typically paid $3,830 for their work. Large-scale jobs, like installing new siding or using expensive materials are priced at a higher rate.

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Solar Work: $9,860

Homeowners pay $9,860 on average to have solar panel work done on their homes. Small repair jobs cost less than large solar panel installations.

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Tile Jobs: $775

Most tile professionals charge $775 on average for their work. Sizable flooring projects or expensive materials will bump up this price.

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Tree Services: $550

Tree service pros typically ask $550 for a job. Trimming large trees or working on properties with multiple trees increases this cost.

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Window and Door Projects: $990

Homeowners report paying pros $990 for most window and door projects. Pricey materials, or projects that require several window and door replacements are more expensive.

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*Based on internal, True Cost Guide, data compiled from homeowners reporting the cost of their projects from January, 1998 through August, 2019, nationwide.

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