Are you creating or updating a website for your business? Be sure to include these four essential features:

1. Functionality:

Before building your site, write down your goals (e.g., higher online sales, more leads, better scheduling, etc.). Then, create and finalize a basic outline of your website’s pages and their uses — making sure that each page and feature points back to your original goal. Having goals will help you create a website that will serve the needs of your business and your customers.

2. Contact Information:

Always include the following information in a consistently updated “contact” page:

  • Phone number(s): Always include up-to-date phone number(s).
  • Email address: Include a business email address that you will check regularly. For many consumers, email is the preferred way to contact a business.
  • Physical address: Clearly post a physical address and business hours. (If you operate remotely, this may not apply to your business).
  • Social media links: Display links to your Facebook and other social media pages (if you have them). Always include a call to action: “Follow us on Facebook!”

3. Design:

Before you begin designing, it’s important to finalize a basic outline of your website’s pages and their use. Once you’ve defined your pages and their function, it’s time to consider your site’s visuals.

The design of your site should be simple and engaging. As you begin to consider the look of your site, avoid reinventing the wheel. Begin your website’s color palette with three colors from your logo. If you need additional colors, use darker or lighter shades of your existing palette.

When it comes to the background of your site, always go with lighter colors — darker background palettes make your text difficult to read. Pair your lighter background with a dark, legible font.

4. Content:

Think of your content as the “meat and potatoes” of your website — the text, images and animations that live on your web pages. Focus on providing helpful information rather than entertainment. Successful web content will engage and inform your visitors, and it will offer them immediate value as well.

P.S. The goal of your content is to position your business as an authority. As you begin to craft your content, especially written pieces, always double-check your work. Nothing damages your credibility like misspelled words and grammar mistakes.

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