How Much Do Carpenters Make?

Carpenters make an average yearly salary of $46,600. Income varies based on location, specialty and demand.

Carpenter Salary

The national average salary for a carpenter was $46,600 annually. This is a gross average of $22 an hour based on a 40-hour work week.

The lowest 10% earned less than $28,900, and the highest 10% earned more than $82,800. This is because the lowest 10% are apprentices and the highest 10% are master carpenters; working for top companies and the wealthiest people.

What Do Carpenters Make?

What carpenters make depends on the level of carpentry that earns the least amount yearly (lowest 10%) are apprentices. An apprenticeship is the beginning of a carpenter’s career, where they shadow and learn from an experienced carpenter. As they gain experience, they gain an increase in pay.

There are many factors that can influence the cost to hire, including the location in which the job is, what type of carpentry project the homeowner is looking for, the duration of the project, whether the installation is for custom pieces or if it is for standard, stock furniture.

The cost to hire a carpenter is usually between $2,000 and $13,000 for normal installations (such as standard non-custom cabinets). A job such as custom cabinets can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $24,000.

A typical price per cabinet is $100 to assemble, and carpenters charge $35 to $70 an hour for the actual installation.

All of these are variants for price fluctuation and should be considered, the grain of wood and the complexity of the project are the biggest factors in price. The amount of experience that the carpenter has can affect the price of the project as well.

Carpenter Foreman Salary

Foremen make a national average of $57,800 annually.

A foreman is responsible for training and mentoring other carpenters that work for them. Often, they are responsible for managing the carpenters under them and finding them jobs to do.

Construction Carpenter Salary

Construction carpenters make an average salary of $44,800 per year.

Construction carpenters are typically involved with the construction and building of larger transportation structures, such as bridges and streets.

Framing Carpenter Salary

Framing carpenters make an average annual salary of about $42,000.

Framing carpenters are usually the people who create the framework for buildings. The wood frames of buildings and houses must be precisely measured and sturdy enough to hold up for years of weather and use, so these carpenters are crucial in the building process.

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Do Carpenters Make Good Money?

Carpenters can make a decent living depending on their skill set and level of experience. Other factors like what cities they work in play an important part as well.

How Much Does a Master Carpenter Make?

Master carpenters make an average of $53,000 per year. However, this can range from $34,000 to $81,000 depending on location, job type and skill. Master carpenters are the most experienced carpenters who are chosen for the most important jobs.

How Much Does a Union Carpenter Make?

Union carpenters generally make a little more (about $4,400 more on average) than non-union workers. Unionized workers make about $51,000 per year.

Do Carpenter Apprentices Get Paid?

Apprentices get paid about 30 to 50% of what experienced carpenters make. As they are an apprentice for longer and gain a wider skill set, they get paid more.

How Do I Get Carpentry Certification?

Apprenticeships will often provide the training courses needed to acquire a carpentry certification. Certifications are voluntary, however they are recommended for carpenters who would like to make more money.

This is because many people want a carpenter who is more experienced. It is also more important to make sure that they know the proper skills to complete the job.

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