Leaving a high quality voicemail can mean the difference between a cold lead and a homeowner you’ll work with for years to come. While emails and text messages can be a convenient method of communicating, leaving a personalized voicemail can show the prospective customer that you’re professional, responsive, and interested in getting the job done right. Before you pick up the phone, consider ways you can increase the chances the homeowner will return your call.

1. Introduce yourself and explain why you’re calling.

Even if you’ve already had a recent conversation with the homeowner, it’s important to open your voicemail with who you are, as well as the purpose of your message. Use your normal, friendly tone of voice so the customer can understand you’re calling to help them complete a home project, rather than trying to sell them a service.

2. Keep it short and to the point.

Typically, an effective voicemail should last between 20 and 30 seconds. If a homeowner sees a 10-second voicemail from an unknown number, or one that stretches on for more than 45 seconds, they may assume it’s spam and delete it without listening. A 20-30 second voicemail is long enough to leave a meaningful message while also respecting the customer’s time. Pacing yourself and speaking clearly also helps the homeowner understand the information you’re trying to get across.

3. Call at an appropriate time of day.

Even if it’s most convenient for you to call in the morning before you hit your next job site, consider the homeowner’s schedule, and when your message can make the most impact. The late afternoon, when the homeowner is most likely wrapping up work but hasn’t yet sat down for dinner, is a good time to call.

4. End the voicemail with a specific question.

Before reiterating your name and phone number, consider proposing a thoughtful question that will inspire the homeowner to call back. Have they given any additional thought to the color of paint they prefer? Is there a specific type of material they’d like to see samples of? By paying special attention to the specific needs and desires of your potential client, you’re not only communicating that their project is more important to you, you’re also asserting your expertise and interest in their ideas or concerns.

5. Make sure your own voicemail greeting is friendly and professional.

You’ve successfully gotten the homeowner to call back. What are they going to hear if you can’t pick up right away? Having a professional voicemail greeting is a great way to boost your credibility and further instill confidence in prospective customers that you’re the right pro for the job. If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by clearly stating your name and business, and apologize for missing their call. Let them know you’ll get back to them as soon as you can, and thank them for calling.

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